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The Bhimas Residency
Accessibility: Tirupati Airport : 13 KM, Tirupati Railway Station : 0.5 KM
Locational Advantage: The Bhimas Residency is easily accessible from Tirupati Railway Station.
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Hotel Bliss
Accessibility: Tirupati Airport : 12 KM, Tirupati Railway Station : 1 KM, Tirupati Bus Stand : 0.5 KM
Locational Advantage: Hotel Bliss is located in the city center, near the railway station.
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Dalmia Resorts Temple Valley
Accessibility: Tirupati Airport : 14 KM, Tirupati Railway Station : 0.5 KM, Tirupati Bus Stand : 0.5 KM
Locational Advantage: Temple Valley is located on the foothills of the sacred hills of Tirumala and situated close to the city center.
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Fortune Kences Hotel
Accessibility: Tieupati Airport : 17 KM, Tirupati Railway Station : 0.1 KM
Locational Advantage: Fortune Kences Hotel is very close to the railway station.
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Kalyan Residency
Accessibility: Tirupati Airport : 19 KM, Tirupati Railway Station : 0.2 KM, Tirupati Bus Stand : 0.2 KM
Locational Advantage: Kalyan Residency is ideally located at the Town Planning Area (T.P. Area) in the heart of Tirupathi.
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Situated in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh,Tirupati is one of the most sacred cities in India. The reason - it is home to Sri Venkateswara Temple, the temple of the Lord of the Seven Hills. The temple is situated atop the Tirumala Hill, on the foothills of which the city is located. Sri Venkateswara Temple, also known as Tirupati Balaji Temple, is not only considered as one of the most important pilgrim destinations of Hindus, but is also the wealthiest shrine in the world.

The reverence and veneration of the temple is such that devotees come here from the farthest corners of the world, to catch a glimpse of the Lord.The huge rush of pilgrims that visit Tirupathi every year makes it one of the most preferred sites for the hotel and guesthouse owners. This has resulted in the opening up of a large number of accommodation facilities, including government lodges, private hotels and government as well as private guesthouses. If luxury is what you desire, three star hotels of Tirupati, like Hotel Bliss, Hotel Guestline and Hotel Mayura, will be the best pick. In case, economy concerns you more, budget hotels like Bhimas Deluxe Hotel, Hotel Bhimas Paradise and Bhimas Residency, will be just perfect to cater to your needs.

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